Integrative Capacity

Roger Martin, former dean of the Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto) and regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review wrote a very successful book entitled The Opposable Mind: How Successful Leaders Win Through Integrative Thinking.

Though following “best practice” can help in some ways, it also poses a danger. By emulating what a great leader did in a particular situation, you’ll likely be terribly disappointed with your own results. Why? Your situation is different. Instead of focusing on what exceptional leaders do, we need to understand and emulate how they think.

Although Roger Martin did not invent this thought process, he did give Integrative Thinking its name and identified in detail the thinking process that these leaders use. He has since developed a program to help individuals use Integrative Thinking to produce superior solutions to complex challenges.


Roger Martin has been in the top ten of the biennial World’s Most Influential Business Thinkers since 2011 (6th-3rd-7th) by Thinkers 50. As for Rotman, a top business school in Canada, it is ranked 3rd in the world for Business Research (Idea Generation) by the Financial Times (2017).


At Mindsbridge, we offer a version of the integrative process as a service nevertheless we can also help your company develop this capability in-house.


The following videos are offered to explain Integrative Thinking. Although they were produced as part of an education program developed by Roger Martin, they can shed light on how your company could adopt Integrative Thinking as a means to develop superior solutions. Please note that Mindsbridge is not associated with Roger Martin, the Rotman School of Management or The Learning Exchange.


Integrative Thinking Introduction

The following videos are from The Learning Exchange, an education program aimed at teaching Integrative Thinking to students.

Understanding the Purpose of Integrative Thinking

The Learning Exchange students interview Roger Martin.

Applying Integrative Thinking

Another interview segment from The Learning Exchange.