Resilient Growth by Design


Opportunity Analysis

For existing or new products, our Opportunity Analysis will provide insight into the right markets and customers for the right product formulations.

Business Model

We help develop your business model to be as effective and scalable as possible, to adopt efficient operational processes and to adapt to market shifts and new opportunities. 

Business Strategies

We design strategies to add value for your customers and your company. Unique products and markets demand unique strategies, not the ones you borrow.

Corporate Persona

We help design your branding, visuals and textual elements where each play a role in conveying an authentic corporate image with differentiated and effective messaging.

Product Design

Our integrative, strategic and creative capabilities are most powerful in the design of products. Our prototypes serve to test market success before development starts.

Value Development

Once attuned to the needs of your customers, we help develop a value development roadmap and processes that will align continual growth, resilience and profitability.


Startup Ramp

There is no better time to start on the right path than when the venture is a startup. We have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs even before they have launched officially. If your proposed venture involves a product that may have international potential, we can most likely help in a gradual manner.

Growth Foundation

For a young company to prepare for sustainable growth and not waste time and resources on constant retooling and reorienting, it requires the establishment of a solid growth foundation. This involves in part, market insight, a strategic framework and early focus on scalability. We can work with you to build this growth foundation.

Capacity Building

We can provide interim support while we help you build the necessary capabilities in-house. This might be to progressively staff your marketing and design departments and transition responsibilities. Our goal is to insure that you have all the elements to be successful internally and no longer need our involvement. (Read More)

Upstream Marketing

Essential to creating a strong brand and sustainable growth, Upstream Marketing is anchored in a deep understanding of the customer. All too often companies rely too much on a product’s unique core benefits and its full potential never materializes because of a lack of understanding of the context surrounding a customer’s work or activity. As upstream marketers, our trained ears capture this insight and translate it into successful strategies, products and opportunities.

Downstream Marketing

The promotional and sales side of marketing is often thought to be its sole function. Without a strong upstream marketing effort, downstream marketing is often misguided and overly expensive. Once your company approves the upstream strategies, we can develop highly effective awareness strategies and tactics. Outreach efforts can then concentrate on building the right image and trust with the right audience using modern strategies such as content marketing.


Integrative Skillset

Integrative thinkers embrace complexity, tolerate uncertainty, and manage tension in searching for creative solutions to problems. Rather than choosing between two conflicting alternatives, integrative thinkers create an entirely new and superior solution that seeks to combine the positives from each alternative. At Mindsbridge, we put this powerful process to work at solving your most complex challenges. Nowhere is integrative thinking more evident than in designing products where conflicting financial, technological, regulatory, competitive and diverse customer needs have to somehow result in uncompromising and superior solutions.

Strategic Skillset

Mindsbridge works closely with clients to develop a layered approach to strategic planning. Our ability to work at a wide range of abstraction levels enables us to clearly conceptualize problems and solutions while keeping in mind the intricacies of brokering systems and capabilities. Even though we have worked with close to 500 business ventures, each one required very different strategies due in part to differences in core competencies, product limitations, financial resources, market conditions and customer realities. We start with the company’s aspirations and help develop the relevant strategies down the line.

Creative Skillset

Mindsbridge provides a wide range of creative and design solutions from branding to product design to infographics. The ability to draw from our integrative and strategic skillset makes for highly purposeful and effective designs. With every design, we strive for simple end products that complement other elements such as text or logotype. With product designs, we can produce interactive prototypes to gather feedback from customers as well as your staff even before any product development is started.


Our interest is to work with companies that make a positive difference in the world. We have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to contribute our best efforts to innovative and information technology ventures in a wide range of sectors including healthcare, education and employee success. We seek opportunities where we can get involved in the implementation of strategies rather than simply producing reports.

Our integrative and strategic work often culminates in designs which is why we welcome creative and innovation challenges. It is extremely rewarding to translate extensive research and analysis phases into something tangible and readily useful for clients as they strive to stand out in the marketplace.

All too often employees and certain consultants feel that the safest way to hold on to their jobs, or to avoid futile efforts, is to fall in line with management (4 Myths) (Silence) (Reasons).  This survival instinct of silence can be very harmful to both company and employee retention.  At Mindsbridge, we see our role quite differently. We believe that always being truthful and vocal about important issues is the best way to serve you. We steadfastly stand by key directions until they are proven wrong or that superior solutions surface; however, we always voice recommendations in a respectful and discrete manner.

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